American voters’ message to Obama and Iran

American voters should be warned that the continuance of a Democratic-controlled Senate led by Harry Reid will guarantee that Iran will end up being the first Islamist jihadist state with a nuclear weapon. Only a Republican-controlled Senate and House of Representatives will be able to stop President Barack Obama from capitulating to the Iranians and signing a bad deal which will allow the country to become a nuclear threshold state.

Fatal flaw of Obama’s appeasement of Iran

The New York Times reports that the Obama administration has retreated from its longstanding demand that Iran dismantles its nuclear centrifuges, and instead seems to be willing to agree that Iran will simply disconnect some centrifuges.

Iran is much more dangerous than ISIS

US President Barack Obama must be careful not to “degrade and destroy” ISIS in Iraq and Syria to the point of helping Iran and its axis of evil step into the vacuum that would be created and establish its own Islamic Shiite caliphate spreading from Lebanon through Syria and Iraq to Iran itself.

Obama was bluffing on Iran

US President Barack Obama’s West Point foreign policy speech has given Israel both good and bad news.

The good news for Israel is that the president has given up on the idea of achieving a so-called “peace” deal between the Israelis and the Palestinians during his presidency, but the bad news is that Obama has no intention of ever attacking the Iranian nuclear program militarily even as a last resort, and will never support an Israeli attack.

Facing anti-Semitism in Kansas

When a known white supremacist targeted the Jewish Community Center and a Jewish retirement home in Kansas on the eve of Passover, yelling “Heil Hitler” after shooting three people, American Jews felt violated and shocked.

This Jew hater has a long history of virulent anti-Semitism and no one can say for sure what triggered these specific murderous attacks, but clearly such an incident is hardly surprising given the current atmosphere in which the world’s only Jewish state is repeatedly, unjustifiably and irrationally singled out for boycotts, sanctions, condemnations and de-legitimization campaigns by the BDS Movement and its vocal and hypocritical supporters in the media, academia, Europe, as well as the American Left.

Radical left sees Israel as 'small Satan'

In order to understand the irrational obsession of President Barack Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry with the so-called and delusional Israeli-Palestinian “peace” negotiations, one must realize that they embody the same beliefs as other radical leftists in Europe and throughout American college campuses, who have recently been involved in campaigns to boycott, divest and delegitimize the Middle East’s only liberal democracy.

World silent over Arab intolerance of gays

Gays and Lesbians, as well as religious minorities, are being persecuted by the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank just as they are being persecuted in other Arab and Muslim countries. Absurdly, it is Israel that is consistently being singled out for condemnations and boycotts by human rights groups, academic associations, the Europeans, and the liberal media.

Boycott Israel’s Boycotters

On Saturday, at the Munich Security Conference, US Secretary of State John Kerry again shamefully and irresponsibly tried to incite fear among Israelis of potential anti-Israel boycotts if the ongoing “peace” talks fail with the Palestinians. This was the second time he warned about “talk of boycotts” against Israel if the status quo with the Palestinians is maintained.

Jewish Democrats' surrender on Iran

It is a sad moment in history when the president of the dictatorial Iranian Islamic regime’s characterization of the recently signed nuclear deal sounds more credible and believable than that of President Obama, the leader of the free world.

Untrustworthy American president

The latest CNN poll released on November 23 showed that 53% of American voters said President Obama was not honest and trustworthy. Similarly, US allies like Israel and the Persian Gulf states are questioning Obama’s integrity after discovering that for the last three years he has been lying and deceiving them by keeping them in the dark about his secret efforts to realign the US with the Iranian-led axis of evil.